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5-Star Professional Boat Hauling Quotes

Our service will help you with your boat transportation process. Whether it's a small PWC or a rather bid yacht. Get your shipping quotes and book a shipment.

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What Boat Hauling We Can Offer You

Yacht Hauling

Our carriers are an old hand at shipping this type of boats

Sailboat Transport

Our professional carriers are always ready to help you with sailboat hauling

PWC, Ski & Jet Boat Hauling

Moving such vehicles is a casual thing for us whether it is on a trailer or not

Walkaround Boat Transport

This type of boat is rarely shipped, but we know companies that can transport it within all the US

Bowrider & Deck Boats Hauling

Whether the boat is in marine or on stands it can be easily transported

Pontoon Boats Transport

The easiest type of boat to arrange the shipment as only a flatbed is required

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How Does Boat Hauling Work?

3 Easy steps to move your boat


Get a quote & Book an order

For requesting a quote for boat shipping you will need to specify the location of the boat (private address, dealership, or marine) and if it’s on earth, water or on the trailer. Of course you will need to specify the type and exact size of the boat. All this information will affect the final cost of transportation.

Driver picks up your vehicle

Once you choose between shipping companies to transport the boat, you need to rent a trailer and negotiate with marine workers regarding loading the boat on the trailer (if needed). Shipping company will email you all the details and the phone numbers of all the people involved. In case any questions arise you can always contact company or the carrier directly and we will be happy to assist you.

A day or two before the pick up the driver will call you and negotiate the exact loading time. When he comes he will note down in the Bill of Lading if the boat has any preexisting outside damages, then he will pick up the trailer with a boat and leave the area.


Receive your vehicle

While receiving your boat carefully check it and all the details for any new damages and if you find any note it down in the Bill of Lading and take some photos. Contact your shipping company and they will help you deal with the insurance company.

And, leave us and company you worked with feedback on review sites like transport reviews or trustpilot!

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How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Boat?

Shipping Cost

Transit Time

Origin Destination Average cost Cost per mile
Sylvan Beach, NY Sarasota, FL $3200 $2.95
Pensacola, FL Charleston, SC $1080 $3.2
Traverse City, MI Cleveland, OH $1270 $3.35
Quincy City, MA Baytown, TX $4960 $3
Okeechobee, FL Cape Coral, FL $350 $3.5
Decatur, AL Gulfport, MS $1140 $3.25
Wilmington, NC Santee, SC $600 $3.5
Mileage *Average Transit Time(estimated distance)
0 - 799 Miles 1 - 3 Days
800 - 1499 Miles 4 - 5 Days
1500 - 2399 Miles 6 - 7 Days
2400 Miles and Up 8 - 12 Days

*Transit times are estimated and based on national shipping averages, which are subject to change.

What We Offer?

Best logistics solution for your boat transport

Whether you need to ship within mainland or even overseas we can arrange the shipping for your vehicle

Best pricing options

Even though boat shipping is always pricey, we offer a bunch of discounts for our customers

Personal shipping assistant

Every order with our company has its own shipping agent, who takes care of all the shipping details

Reliable transporter

The carrier that we found is always checked with FMCSA to make sure he is insured and has a clean driving record

Extra handling (Trailer or Cradle Assistance)

If your boat is on stands or in the marine, we take care about finding a trailer and putting the boat on it

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How far in advance is it better to plan boat transportation?


As soon as you know estimated dates of shipping your boat, you can plan the transportation. Boat hauling requires more detailed preparation than car shipping, so it may take up to several days to find a proper shipping company and arrange the details, so we recommend you to plan the shipping 1-2 weeks in advance especially if your boat is in marine or on stands.

Can you transport a boat of any size or are there any limits?


We can offer boat hauling for any kind of watercraft, but when you request a quote we need to know the year, make and model of the boat and its estimated size to provide you with accurate quotes. Also depending on the size of the boat, the shipping company will also understand whether a pick up truck is enough to haul the trailer with a boat or a semi tractor is required.

Can you offer enclosed transportation of a boat?


Boats are very rarely transported in enclosed trailers and it’s only possible for some small boats (like Rinker 22MTX). But you can have your boat covered with a special boat cover (you can find it on the internet or at a boat dealership) to make sure it will not get damaged and road dust will not get inside.

How long does it take to find a carrier for hauling a boat?


The time frame depends on the size of the boat, its type, the route it is going and whether it is already on the trailer. If the boat is already on the trailer it makes the whole process much easier since once there’s a driver on the route, he can go and pick up the boat without waiting until it’s put on the trailer.

Can I ship another vehicle alongside the boat?


Unfortunately, it’s technically impossible to ship any other vehicle on the same trailer with a boat (unless it’s another boat on a 2 deck trailer), since each type of the vehicle require different type of the trailer. And each vehicle should be properly fixed to make sure they will not get damaged or cause an accident on the road.


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