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We have a number of partners specializing in shipping regular motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, trikes, and even motorcycles with a sidecar in both open and enclosed trailers. Compare motorcycle shipping quotes to save time & money.

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What Motorcycle Shipping We Can Offer You

Open motorcycle shipping

An open trailer for motorcycle shipping can be arranged within your dates

Enclosed motorcycle shipping

Shipping in either soft or hardside trailers with special soft straps

ATV shipping

Whether it is ATV, UTV or a lawn mower tractor we can transport all of them

Dirt bike shipping

We can offer you best companies to move your dirtbike to any part of the US

Tricycle motorcycle shipping

Trikes are less popular than regular bikes, though they can be moved as well

Motorcycle with a sidecar shipping

Requires special experience and that’s what can be offered for you by our partners

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How does Motorcycle shipping work

3 Easy steps to move your motorcycle


Get a quote & Book an order

The same way as for car shipping you need to request a quote. In quote form you need to provide pick-up and delivery zip-codes, year, make and model of your vehicle, your email and phone number. When the information has been processed,you will receive quotes from professional shipping companies with all the details of the transportation process.

Driver picks up your vehicle

Before signing any papers double check all the details especially if the dates work for you. After that company that you’ve chosen will send you by email, or SMS the carrier information including the name and phone number of the driver. Usually, companies send carrier info a couple of days before the pickup.

A few days before the pick-up day, the driver will contact you to confirm the exact time of the pickup.

Prepare your motorcycle for shipping by making sure it’s clean and there are no unsecured parts, if you have a transportation cover, you can use it but make sure that you fix it properly.


Receive your vehicle

When receiving your vehicle you should check it for any new damages and in case there are any you should note them down in the Bill of Lading and take some photos. After that you need to contact the company you work with and provide all the information you have.

Shipping company will help you submit the claim to the insurance company.

And of course we and the shipping company you went with are always waiting for your feedback. We are grateful to know about your experience with us!

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Motorcycle?

Shipping Cost

Transit Time

Origin Destination Average cost Cost per mile
Los Angeles, CA Dallas, TX $490 $0.45
Buffalo, NY Orlando, FL $540 $0.45
Portland, OR New York, NY $1080 $0.40
Miami, FL Chicago, IL $670 $0.47
Detroit, MI Bloomington, IN $300 $0.85
Houston, TX Richmond, VA $590 $0.45
Boise, ID Oklahoma City, OK $500 $0.38
Mileage *Average Transit Time(estimated distance)
0 - 799 Miles 1 - 3 Days
800 - 1499 Miles 4 - 5 Days
1500 - 2399 Miles 6 - 7 Days
2400 Miles and Up 8 - 12 Days

*Transit times are estimated and based on national shipping averages, which are subject to change.


Can I ship a motorcycle together with my car?


We do not recommend to ship motorcycles alongside the car, since motorcycles require a special type of trailer. If it is shipped on a regular flatbed or car hauler, there is more risk of the bike being damaged during transportation. But the carrier insurance will still cover the damage in such a case.

Do you ship inoperable UTVs?


Yes, we can offer you a company for shipping any kind of inoperable vehicles. But the shipping company needs to know what’s wrong with the vehicle before the driver is sent to pick it up as they need to make sure that the driver they schedule will have special equipment to load it and won’t leave your area with nothing.

Can I have a side car transported (without a motorcycle)?


Yes, you can ship a sidecar without a motorcycle, but a special pallet is required to make sure the sidecar will be properly fixed and won’t fall as it has one wheel only. In some cases, the driver can provide you with the one from some extra cost or you can buy it at a local body shop.

Can you ship a motorcycle from the Hawaiian islands?


Yes, we are working with companies that can transport your motorcycle (as well as any other vehicle) from or to the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska and even internationally.

What if my motorcycle is damaged during shipping?


Once your motorcycle is delivered, we recommend you to thoroughly inspect it for any damages and in case there are any, you need to note them down in the Bill of lading and take some photos. After that, please contact shipping company and they will send you the carrier’s insurance details and will help you submit the claim.


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