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5-Star Professional Heavy Equipment Hauling Quotes

Get quotes for moving your heavy equipment or oversize loads with specialized, experienced carriers anywhere in the USA.

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What Heavy Hauling We Can Offer

Construction Equipment Shipping

Crawler and wheeled excavators, rigid haulers, wheel loaders and others

Agricultural Equipment Transport

Rottary cutters, Grooming and Flail Mowers, Combines, and many more

Mining Equipment Hauling

Mining shovels, large dozers, dragline excavators, motor graders and so on

Farm Equipment Transport

Row-Crop tractors, Bailers, utility Tractors, Cotton Pickers and others

Paving Equipment Hauling

Road reclaimers, chip spreaders, motor graders, asphalt compactors, etc

Oversize Equipment Shipping

Light aircrafts, helicopters and other oversize loads

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How Does Heavy Hauling Work?

3 Easy steps to move your heavy equipment


Get a quote & Book an order

Heavy equipment hauling requires more than just a regular knowledge of the shipping process. It requires high professionalism and experience.

To provide you with a quote for shipping any kind of heavy equipment we need the make and model of the vehicle, its size and weight, the pick-up and delivery zip-codes, your phone number and email address. It’s better to request a quote some time in advance. This time shipping companies check an availability of the required trailers on the route, and will send you all the details to your email. If everything works for you and proceed by placing an order, they will also ask for your exact addresses for both pick up and drop off.

Driver picks up your vehicle

After the booking is finalized by signing the agreement, the top manager will work on your order and assign the exact driver. Once the details are negotiated with the driver, you will receive an email with the carrier details and instructions on how to prepare your heavy equipment for the transportation.

Then the driver or his dispatcher will call you in advance to negotiate the pick-up time. Once the vehicle will be loaded on the trailer and the driver will leave, the dispatcher will mark the order as picked up.


Receive your vehicle

Then the carrier will also call you in advance to let you know that he’s almost in your area and update you on the estimated drop off time. As advice, after uploading, check carefully your equipment for any damages and lost parts. If you are convinced that everything is alright, sign the Condition report.

When you receive the vehicle, we also ask you to evaluate the service of the shipping company by writing a review or just giving feedback via email, call or text.

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How much does it cost to transport a Heavy Equipment?

Shipping Cost

Transit Time

Origin Destination Average cost Cost per mile
Columbus, OH Pittsburgh, PA $700 $4
Louisville, KY Conway, AR $2272 $4.5
Wichita, KS Ogden, UT $4200 $4.25
Reno, NV Idaho Falls, ID $2490 $4.3
Denver, CO Fargo, ND $3500 $4.75
Jacksonville, FL Mobile, AL $1600 $5
Cheyenne, WY Rapid City, SD $1100 $4.5
Mileage *Average Transit Time(estimated distance)
0 - 799 Miles 1 - 3 Days
800 - 1499 Miles 6 - 7 Days
1500 - 2399 Miles 6 - 7 Days
2400 Miles and Up 8 - 12 Days

*Transit times are estimated and based on national shipping averages, which are subject to change.


Is there anything I have to do to prepare my equipment for shipping?


Before shipping a heavy equipment you need to clean it and prepare it according to the standards required for its type. In case the equipment needs to be packaged in some way, you may contact the manufacturer for an instruction and proper packaging and materials. Please note, that the carrier holds the responsibility for the transportation itself but the preparation process depends on you.

What if the part of the equipment gets lost in transit?


We collaborate only with experienced and professional shipping companies. They always pay attention even to the smallest details, and every time their drivers make a stop, they make sure that everything is fine with the cargo. But even if something gets damaged or lost, the shipping company will help you submit the claim to the carrier’s insurance company and they will send you a check.

How long will it take before the equipment is picked up?


Usually it takes up to a week for shipping companies to schedule the driver for shipping heavy equipment. After the driver is scheduled, it depends on his schedule how soon the vehicle gets picked up. The drivers specializing in heavy equipment hauling plan their route a few weeks ahead. That is why we recommend you plan the shipping far in advance.

Do I have to be present at the time of pick up / delivery?


As soon as there is someone who can release your vehicle to the driver or receive it at the drop off location and pay the driver with cash or any certified funds, there is no need for you to be there. You may ask your relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbors to help you out.

Is there any guarantee that my vehicles arrives on time?


Once a driver is scheduled to transport your vehicle, shipping company will send you his name and phone number. To make sure he delivers your vehicle on time, you can always contact him directly. You can also call or text your shipping manager and they will check where the driver is and his estimated arrival time.


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