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5-Star Professional RV Transport Quotes

Truckspot Logistics is one of the best companies to choose for comparing rates for moving whether a big motorhome or just a small trailer. Get your quote, compare rates, and book a shipment now.

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What RV or Trailer Transport We Can Offer You

Class A, B, С Motorhome Transport

Whether big or small, we can be easily shipped it or driven away it to your location

5th Wheel Trailer Transport

It is one of the easiest type of trailer to haul even with a regular pick up truck

Toy-Hauler Trailer Shipping

Even though it is has not been that popular recently, our professional partners can transport it

Cargo Trailer Transport

Whether open or enclosed, large or small it can be still transported for you

Travel Trailer Shipping

The most popular type of non-motorized RV that can be shipped

Lightweight Trailer Transport

This type of trailer can be easily hauled wherever you need

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How Does Trailer Hauling Work?

3 Easy steps to move your RV


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Transportation of RV or Travel trailer is very different from regular car shipping as most of the vehicles of this type are hauled behind the pickup truck or semi tractor.

To provide you with the total price for shipping RV or travel trailer, we need to know the year, make and model of the vehicle, if it was modified in any way, type of the trailer hitch, zip-codes for your pick-up and drop off and of course your email and phone number. Once we have the details, soon you start to receive quotes from our carriers.

Driver picks up your vehicle

After you choose a shipping company, they will contact you to clarify additional details and email you all the shipping information: dates of pick up and drop off, driver`s name and phone numbers.

Then a day before pick up the driver will call you to negotiate the pick-up time. Once the driver arrives, he will inspect the vehicle and note down its condition in the Bill of Lading. After that he will attach it to his trailer and leave


Receive your vehicle

Once the driver detaches the trailer you have to check it thoroughly for any damages.

It is really important since if a driver leaves and then you notice some kind of damage, the insurance will most likely decline your claim since the damage was not mentioned on the Bill of Lading. So contact your shipping company if you notice any and they will help you solve the case with the insurance company.

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How much does it cost to transport a trailer or RV?

Shipping Cost

Transit Time

Origin Destination Average cost Cost per mile
Newport, OR Kent. WA $890 $3.15
Sandpoint, ID Bozeman, MT $1200 $3.25
Denver, CO International Falls, MT $2900 $3.4
Cincinnati, OH Norfolk, VA $2040 $3.25
Crisfield, DE Fernandina Beach, FL $2380 $3
Rocky Mount, VA Greensboro, NC $300 $3.5
Ithaca, NY Warwick, RI $1050 $3.3
Mileage *Average Transit Time(estimated distance)
0 - 799 Miles 1 - 3 Days
800 - 1499 Miles 4 - 5 Days
1500 - 2399 Miles 6 - 7 Days
2400 Miles and Up 8 - 12 Days

*Transit times are estimated and based on national shipping averages, which are subject to change.


Do you transport RV if it's inoperable?


Yes, of course. However, the condition of transport will affect the final cost of transportation.

Can you transport my vehicle to any type of location?


Yes, we work with companies that can go anywhere within the mainland and we also collaborate with a few carrier companies on Hawaii. If you are planning to ship your vehicle to some far way locations in the mountains or forest, it will affect the price but we can still sort it out for you.

Do you offer overseas RV shipping?


Truck Spot Logistics does offer overseas shipping of any kind of RVs, but only in case they are operable and can be driven or hauled. Our carriers can also transport your RV within mainland to port location and then have it loaded onto the ship to your destination. If you need the RV transported within Alaska or Hawaii, we can also arrange that for you.

Is it allowed for me to travel alongside the driver or in my trailer while it is in transit?


Usually it is not allowed, but if your vehicle is transported for a short distance (up to 300 miles), it is possible to negotiate it with the shipping company and you may go with the driver in his cabin. But it is forbidden to stay in the trailer while it is in transit as it may lead to an accident.

Can i ship personal items in the vehicle, for example a couple of bicycles?


If the vehicle is hauled or driven away, you can put any items in the RV. In case if the vehicle is transported on the trailer, the amount of the items you can ship will depend on the weight of your RV and the type of the trailer, since each trailer has its weight limits and if the driver exceeds it, he can get a ticket


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