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Get quotes from up to 10 professional nationwide auto transport companies to save $100s on car shipping. Doesn't matter if you need to move your sedan, SUV, or pick up we can offer you the best rates to choose from!

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Car Transport Services We Can Offer You

Open car shipping

Shipping to the most faraway locations can be arranged for you

Luxury & Exotic car shipping

Shipping of luxury, brand-new or antique cars with insurance up to $250 000

Classic car shipping

For shipping classic cars both open and enclosed services are available

Cross country car shipping

Coast to coast car shipping, we can find best carriers within your dates

Overseas car shipping

We`ll find for your auto best carriers to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and even internationally

Inoperable car shipping

When it comes to immovable vehicles, companies we work with can schedule a carrier witha winch, lifgate or forklift for loading

Enclosed car shipping

For the safest auto transportation both soft and hardside trailers can be scheduled for you

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How Does Car Shipping Work

3 Easy steps to move your car


Get a quote & Book an order

Before you start moving a car, it is important that you know how much it will cost. To find out the exact rate, simply use the quote form on the website of TruckSpot Logistics. We will then provide you with a list of US shipping companies that can help you with the transportation.

To request a quote you only need to provide us with the pick-up and delivery zip-codes, year, make and model of your vehicle, your email and phone number. Once we get this information, we will check the rates on your route and send you the quote with all the details of the shipping process.

Driver picks up your vehicle

Once you book the shipping, double check if the dates work for you. Shipping companies will email and text you the carrier information including the name and phone number of the driver.

A day or two before the pick-up and delivery, the driver will call you to negotiate the exact time. Besides that, he will also contact you a couple of hours before the pick-up and drop off to let you know he’s not far away.


Receive your vehicle

After the carrier loads the vehicle off the trailer at the drop-off, you should pay him the remaining balance.

At the drop-off, you should check the vehicle for any new damages and in case there are any you should note them down in the Bill of Lading and take some photos. Then, please contact the company you work with and they will help you submit the claim to the insurance company.

Also please leave us and the company you went with a review as we are always happy to receive feedback from our customers.

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Car Shipping Benefits With TruckSpot Logistics

No upfront charge

We do not charge you for our services

Best price on the market

You easily can get the lowest car shipping rates to make you fit your budget

Easy shipping process

As mentioned above, the shipping process is easily handled in 3 simple steps

24/7 customer support

Customer support is available 24/7 and always ready to answer all your questions.

Professional drivers

The carriers we work with provide the customers with a white-glove service.

Insurance coverage

The insurance coverage starts from $100 000 per each car on a trailer

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Can you ship a car if it's inoperable?


With us you can ship any kind of vehicles whether it is operable or not. However, we need to know about that at the time of booking as it affects the price and the type of trailer required for shipping. Also it would be perfect if you let us know what exactly is wrong with the car: whether the battery is dead or the car has wheel or break issues.

Do you transport vehicles from auctions and ports?


We can find a carrier for you that transports any kind of vehicles from auctions and ports, as most of the companies we work with have drivers with TWIC cards and are allowed to enter post locations. Moreover, if you are planning to ship the vehicle to the Hawaiian islands, Alaska, Guam or internationally, we can help you plan and organize the transportation

Am I allowed to put some items inside the car?


Generally, we recommend that you do not ship any personal belongings inside your vehicle because insurance is not covered for any objects kept inside the car, any extra weight in the car could damage the vehicle's exhaust system. Objects inside the car could move around and damage the interior. However, a few small items packed in the trunk are acceptable

How soon can you find a carrier if I need to ship the car ASAP?


It all depends on your route. If you are shipping the vehicle on a popular route (for example, NY to FL), we can find carriers within a few hours and your car will be picked up the same day. If your route is less popular it may take a day or two and if your vehicle is going from a far away location (for example, Maine), it may take up to 5 days.

Can I track my car while it's on the road?


It is not often possible to find such an option with carriers, as this affects the cost of delivery and not many are willing to pay extra for it. However, your broker can easily contact the carrier and tell you the location of your vehicle.


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