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We have a number of partners specializing in shipping golf carts in both open and enclosed trailers. Compare golf cart shipping quotes to save time & money.

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What Golf Cart Shipping We Can Offer You

Enclosed golf cart shipping

Secure and protected transport for all types of golf carts.

Open golf cart shipping

Reliable open-air transport for your standard and robust golf carts.

Electric golf cart shipping

Specialized handling for electric carts, with attention to your vehicle needs.

Custom golf cart shipping

Tailored shipping solutions for your unique golf carts.

Gas golf cart shipping

Safe transport for gas-powered carts, with special attention to fuel.

Diesel golf cart shipping

Expert handling for diesel golf carts, focusing on the specific needs.

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How does Golf Cart shipping work

3 Easy steps to move your golf cart


Get a quote & Book an order

To provide you with an accurate quote, we need the pick-up and delivery zip codes, make and model of your golf cart, and your email and/or phone number. After you submit a quote request, we’ll send you detailed information and a secure link to book your order. To finalize your order, we’ll need your pick-up and delivery addresses and for you to sign the agreement we send.

Driver picks up your vehicle

Once we schedule the driver within your preferred time frame, we’ll notify you via email and text message with the carrier’s details. The day before pick-up, the driver will contact you to finalize the exact time and location, considering the accessibility of your area for our transport vehicles. The driver will also call you an hour or two before the pick-up to confirm their arrival.


Receive your vehicle

When your golf cart is about to be delivered, the driver will call you in advance to arrange the exact delivery time. Upon unloading your golf cart, please inspect it thoroughly for any damages. Payment for the service is due at this time, either in cash or via certified funds. We highly appreciate your feedback on the transportation process, as it helps us ensure that you are satisfied with our service.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Golf Cart

Shipping Distance

Transit Time

Origin Destination Average cost Cost per mile
San Diego, CA Seattle, WA $1,200 $1.05
Miami, FL Chicago, IL $1,050 $1.06
Portland, OR Denver, CO $675 $1.14
Detroit, MI Phoenix, AZ $1,525 $0.99
Dallas, TX Las Vegas, NV $725 $1.11


San Diego, CA


Seattle, WA

Average cost


Cost per mile



Miami, FL


Chicago, IL

Average cost


Cost per mile



Portland, OR


Denver, CO

Average cost


Cost per mile



Detroit, MI


Phoenix, AZ

Average cost


Cost per mile



Dallas, TX


Las Vegas, NV

Average cost


Cost per mile


Mileage *Average Transit Time(estimated distance)
0 - 799 Miles 1 - 3 Days
800 - 1499 Miles 4 - 5 Days
1500 - 2399 Miles 6 - 7 Days
2400 Miles and Up 8 - 12 Days


0 - 799 Miles

*Average Transit Time

1 - 3 Days


800 - 1499 Miles

*Average Transit Time

4 - 5 Days


1500 - 2399 Miles

*Average Transit Time

6 - 7 Days


2400 Miles and Up

*Average Transit Time

8 - 12 Days

*Transit times are estimated and based on national shipping averages, which are subject to change.

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How do I prepare my golf cart for shipping?


Ensure your golf cart is clean, document its condition with photos, remove personal items, check tire pressure, and secure any loose parts.

Can I ship a golf cart with personal items inside?


It's generally not recommended to ship personal items inside your golf cart due to potential theft or damage.

How is the shipping cost for a golf cart calculated?


Shipping costs depend on the distance, the size and weight of the golf cart, transport type (open or enclosed), and current fuel prices.

Is there a difference in cost between shipping an electric vs. a gas-powered golf cart?


Generally, there's no significant cost difference unless there are substantial weight differences between the two types of carts.

How is a golf cart secured during transport?


Golf carts are typically secured using straps and wheel nets to prevent movement and protect them from damage during transport.

What happens if my golf cart is damaged during shipping?


In the unlikely event of damage, report it immediately upon delivery and file a claim. The insurance coverage included in your agreement will address the damage.


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