How To Prepare Your Boat For Shipping

Boat Transport Tips: Preparing Your Boat for Shipping with Truck Spot Logistics

Working with a boat carrier for shipping your vessel to your next holiday spot is a wonderful way of protecting it from wear and tear while also providing your crew with their own vacation. If you’ve never used this service before, there are a few things you should know to properly prepare your boat for shipping. Choosing TruckSpot Logistics is a straightforward, efficient, and stress-free method of transporting your watercraft from one area to another. We are dedicated to providing each and every customer with dependable and trouble-free boat transportation.

We have some tips for you:

When you prepare your boat for shipping, it’s crucial to secure everything as if it were sailing across the ocean, regardless of the shipping distance. You should secure your boat as if it were traversing an ocean, despite how far it is traveling. Secure everything that protrudes beyond the hull as well as anything loose that might cause harm during the journey. Tape all hatches to prevent leaks and water damage, and fasten all cabin windows. Remember to seal inside cabinet doors shut, latch the cabin doors firmly, and lock all exit doors.
Confirm that the boat shipping company has trip insurance that will effectively protect your watercraft if something goes wrong.
Provide the boat shipping company with your boat’s specifications beforehand. Check your measurements carefully since they will allocate space for your boat based on the information you provide. Remember that they are interested in your boat’s real weight, not its Tons. Search for Displacement in your boat’s stability book if you’re not sure where to look.
Examine your boat for damage and take photos to record any that are currently there. Also, if you disassemble any parts to match size requirements or protect them from harm, be sure to photograph their position and setup.
Take out all of your personal belongings and put any fragile items in a secure location. Even if your boat is moving on another boat, it will still be subjected to the power of the ocean. Remember to take any forbidden things out of your boat’s lockers, especially if you’re going through customs.
Use shrink wrap to protect the outside of your boat from soot, salt, and other elements. If your watercraft is too large to cover entirely, focus on the most susceptible sections, such as teak and non-skid surfaces. Cover all stainless steel and chrome fittings as well, or use an insulator wax to protect this exposed metal. Remove and store the windshields if feasible.
Make your vessel lightweight while delivering it. Empty as much of the petrol and water tanks as can, but maintain enough on board to travel to and from the transport ship. Remove the deck anchors, drain plugs, and check for water in the bilge. You may also wish to use a chlorine bleach solution to flush and sterilize your tanks.
To avoid discharge, turn off everything, disconnect your batteries, and store your cords. You don’t want dead batteries when your ship arrives at its destination.
On the day of your shipment, bring your original registration and boat keys. If you’re going on an overseas trip, be sure you have all of the proper custom documentation.

As you finalize the preparations for your boat’s journey, remember that a little effort goes a long way in ensuring a smooth and secure transport. By following the steps outlined, you’re not just preparing your boat for shipping; you’re also giving yourself peace of mind, knowing that your vessel is in capable hands with TruckSpot Logistics.

For more in-depth information, including understanding different boat transport options and navigating legal and documentation processes, be sure to read our comprehensive guide, Boat Transport Made Easy: How to Prepare Your Vessel for Safe Shipping. This additional resource provides a detailed step-by-step guide to prepare your boat for shipping, complementing the tips shared here.

With TruckSpot Logistics, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to transporting your boat safely, efficiently, and stress-free. So, set sail on your next adventure with confidence, knowing your boat is well-cared for.


How far in advance should I prepare my boat for shipping?

It’s recommended to start preparing your boat for transport at least two weeks before the shipping date. This allows ample time to secure all items, take care of necessary maintenance, complete documentation, and communicate with the transport company regarding any specifics related to the shipment.

Can I ship personal items inside my boat?

It’s generally advised not to ship personal items inside your boat during transport due to the risk of theft or damage. If it’s necessary to include some items, ensure they are securely stowed and that your boat transport company is informed and has agreed to it.

Is it necessary to be present when the boat is picked up for shipping?

While you don’t necessarily need to be present, it’s beneficial to have someone there—either yourself or a designated representative—to oversee the loading process, confirm the condition of the boat, and handle any last-minute details with the carrier.

How should I secure electronics and other valuables on my boat?

All electronics and valuables should be securely fastened or removed and transported separately if possible. If they must remain on board, they should be stowed in a locked and waterproof compartment.

Where can I find reliable reviews of boat transport services?

For trustworthy reviews of boat transport services, consider checking verified platforms such as, Trustpilot, or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Additionally, you may find reviews on Google My Business profiles or specialized marine service review sites. It’s important to read through various reviews to get a comprehensive understanding of each company’s service quality.

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