How to Sell Your Motorcycle Online

How to Sell Your Motorcycle Online

Navigating the bustling streets and avenues of city life, motorcycles offer a swift and exhilarating journey to your destination. At TruckSpot Logistics, we understand that your motorcycle isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a part of your adventure. But when it’s time for an upgrade or a change, you might find yourself pondering how to sell your motorcycle in a market brimming with options. Whether you’re considering a used motorcycle sale or looking to delve into online motorcycle sales, our insights are tailored to guide you through this process seamlessly.

Selling a motorcycle, especially in the digital realm, requires strategic thinking and careful planning. In this comprehensive guide, we provide indispensable motorcycle selling tips to ensure you navigate the online marketplace effectively. From preparing your bike for sale to finalizing the deal, our aim is to simplify your journey in selling a motorcycle online. At TruckSpot Logistics, we’re not just about transporting vehicles; we’re about connecting people with solutions that make life’s transitions as smooth as their rides on the open road.

Motorcycle Sales Process: How to get started
Where to sell a motorcycle?
Helpful tips for selling your motorcycle online
What documents do you need to sell a motorcycle?

Motorcycle Sales Process: How to Get Started

Are you thinking about selling your motorcycle? You’re not alone. Many riders find themselves at a crossroads, ready to part ways with their current ride, either to upgrade or simply change gears. Selling your motorcycle, particularly in the digital age, is a process that’s both exciting and daunting. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to get your motorcycle sold online, providing top-notch motorcycle selling tips to ensure a smooth and profitable transaction.

Motorcycle Sales Process
Preparing a motorcycle for sale. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the transport from various contaminants, midges, etc., and special attention should be paid to hard-to-reach places. To remove dirt, you can use peroxide – it does not damage the paintwork and has shown itself well for these purposes.
Eliminate deficiencies. If you want to not just get rid of the old motorcycle, but have the goal of getting the maximum profit from the sale, then you should take care of eliminating small scratches, dents, and polishing.
Clean the brakes for corrosion. This can be done with a special polish.
Get a Tune-Up & Inspection. Run your motorcycle against the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s inspection checklist.
Prepare an advertisement for the sale. Write a well-written description with clear, concise, easy-to-read text. Place a short description, technical characteristics, mileage, its condition in the ad. If added, any details or accessories, please indicate them in the description. In addition, describe how you used it and a brief reason why you are selling it, for example: you want to buy a larger motorcycle or do not use it anymore, or decided to buy a bike of a different class, etc. List all its advantages and, if any, any disadvantages that should be eliminated. Don’t forget to mention if it’s in a garage or in a parking lot and how many owners it has had.
Decide how you will sell vehicles. Today, the most effective option is to sell a motorcycle via the Internet – find a site where you will post an ad for the sale of a motorcycle. They offer different prices for posting an ad, so you should not advertise on what just caught your eye first.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, you’re set to make a successful sale. Remember, selling your motorcycle online isn’t just about letting go of a vehicle; it’s about passing on the joy of riding to someone else. So, take a deep breath, and let’s get that bike sold!

Where To Sell A Motorcycle?

We have already considered the algorithm of how to sell a motorcycle, now we will focus on where this can be done. When it comes to vintage and rare models, you can sell them at an exhibition or auction. If we are talking about ordinary motorcycles, then it would be the best way to sell a motorcycle on the Internet. Advertisements on the Internet are the most comfortable, convenient and also fast – the geography of the client’s search turns out to be as extensive as possible (this is especially important when it comes to specific models). However, you should be as careful as possible when making a transaction – there is a risk of falling for scammers.

You can place an advertisement for the sale of a motorcycle on such sites as:

Where To Sell A Motorcycle
eBay. Here you can sell a motorcycle through a local listing without commissions, at a fixed price or in a national auction.
Craigslist. The fee to advertise a motorcycle in or out of town is $5.
Cycle Trader: One of the largest specialist trading platforms for strength sports, operating since 2011. A basic listing is free, but premium listings cost up to $50.
CycleCrunch. The price of placing an ad ranges from $37 to $137.
ChopperExchange is the largest listing for American V-Twin motorcycles, which was launched in 2003. It features over 20,000 new and used American V-Twin motorcycles. The hosting fee ranges from $37 to $137 with no commission.
AutoTrader is one of the leading classifieds sites for cars, motorcycles, ATVs and more.

Selling your motorcycle online can be a fulfilling and profitable venture. With the right platform and approach, you’ll find the perfect buyer for your beloved ride in no time.

Helpful Tips For Selling Your Motorcycle Online

1. Take beautiful photos of your motorcycle. Photos are the first thing that will attract the attention of potential buyers on the Internet. It is important to stand out from other ads and be remembered. If you put up an ad with low quality photos or bad angles, then even the most amazing motorcycle is unlikely to attract the attention of buyers viewing ads. You can use the services of a professional photographer (which is not necessary to save money) or just spend a little time and do everything yourself. In order for the photos to come out clear and bright, it is the best:

– take pictures of transport early in the morning or in the evening, when the sun is low and will not spoil the frame with yellowness, glare, etc.;

– place the transport on a plain background that will not distract and create a feeling of clutter in the photo. The best backdrop would be a gate, a brick wall, or an open field;

– It is better to take pictures many times and from different angles. And be sure not to forget about the close-ups of the seat, steering wheel, tank, wheels, headlights.

2. If you have agreed with the client on a personal meeting, then you need to prepare a motorcycle. Make sure the motorcycle is clean, check the transmission play and tire pressure, check the operation of gauges and indicators, etc. If you haven’t driven for a long time, start it. When meeting with a buyer, be friendly when talking to him. It is best to meet during the day with natural light and no rain. It is desirable that you have time for negotiations, so that you do not rush anywhere and can calmly talk about the motorcycle, talk about all its advantages.

Remember that if a potential buyer wants to meet you, then he is really interested in the bike. After negotiations, start the motorcycle and let the engine warm up. After a few minutes, give it a few soft, progressive throttle shifts so that the buyer can see that the engine is running smoothly. Ride it so that the client sees it in action, that it is on the move. It is important that the customer sees that the motorcycle rides well, the suspension is in good condition, the brakes are correct, etc. During communication, you should not be overly intrusive – this can scare the client away.

3. Accept payments only through secure platforms that offer you protection. Fake mobile deposits, fraudulent ACH transfers, intentional overpayments by money order or check, and chargebacks can be expensive and even result in the loss of your motorcycle. If the buyer still lives in your city and you plan to hand over the motorcycle for cash at a personal meeting, then you should carefully check the banknotes. After all, they can be fake.

4. If there is a proposed delivery of a motorcycle to another city or state, it is better to find a carrier yourself. On our website, you can get acquainted with various companies and recurring fraud schemes to protect yourself from loss and loss of property.

What Documents Do You Need To Sell A Motorcycle?

In order for the sale of vehicles to go smoothly and without excesses, you should consider all the details regarding the documentation of the transaction. The seller must have a number of documents, including:

Service History Records

The need to provide all records is not defined at the level of legislation (although the seller must warn the buyer about all the nuances in the operation of the motorcycle), but in the eyes of the buyer, the seller will cause more confidence. And the bike will look more attractive.


The owner must have ownership of the motorcycle that is not burdened by a loan, bond, etc. Only in this case, as a result of the sale and purchase transaction, the new owner will be able to obtain ownership and a license plate.

Bill of Sale

The bill of sale ensures the legal security of the buyer and seller. This document is essentially a sales contract that sets out the details of the purchase, the parties involved and the price of the sale.

Vehicle ID Number (VIN)

By looking at the VIN, the buyer can check if the motorcycle has been in an accident, its year, make and model.

In the journey of selling your motorcycle, from preparing it for sale to finding the right buyer online, you’re not just parting with a vehicle; you’re passing on a passion. Remember, whether it’s the convenience of a local sale or reaching out to a broader audience online, each step is a stride towards your next adventure.

And once you’ve sealed the deal, if you’re looking to ship motorcycle to its new owner, TruckSpot Logistics is here to assist. We provide reliable and efficient shipping motorcycle services, ensuring your bike reaches its destination safely and conveniently. So, rev up your selling skills, make that sale, and let us handle the journey’s last mile. Here’s to a successful sale and the open road ahead!


What is the best place to sell motorcycle?

The fastest way to sell a motorcycle is online. There are many platforms for placing ads, in order to choose which one will be more suitable, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the features of each of them.

How long does it take to sell a motorcycle?

It is difficult to say right away, maybe a couple of days, maybe a couple of months. It all depends on the season, the motorcycle model, its condition and price, and, of course, the seller’s ability to communicate with potential customers.

Is it safe to sell a motorcycle online?

Of course, there are risks of such a sale, because the seller may encounter an unscrupulous buyer and forged documents, a fraudulent payment scheme for goods or their delivery. However, if you carefully analyze each step and pay attention to the details, then everything will be in order. In addition, selling a motorcycle via the Internet will be much faster.

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