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Full Military Auto Transport In 2024

When duty calls for a change of station, TruckSpot Logistics stands ready to facilitate a smooth transition for our nation’s service members. In 2024, we continue to honor the commitment of the United States military personnel by providing comprehensive auto transport solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

Receiving a PCS order suddenly can be quite overwhelming as the thought of moving to a different place and transporting a vehicle seems like a hassle. Typically, PCS move during the summer season, which is why auto transport is at its peak during the summer months.

Make yourself aware of the military auto shipping options you have to save yourself from lots of hassle. This guide will cover everything you need to know about military auto transport so that you can move to a new base with peace of mind.

What is military auto transport?
How does military car shipping work?
How much does military vehicle shipping cost?
Who pays for military auto transportation?
What and where can you ship?
What papers do you need when using military vehicle shipping?

What Is Military Auto Transport?

Auto transport for military members

Military auto transport refers to the specialized service of shipping vehicles for active military members, especially when they receive Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. This service is designed to ease the burden of relocating for military personnel, offering various options like open, enclosed, and flatbed transport to accommodate different types of vehicles – from personal cars to boats and heavy machinery.

You need to move to a new location to receive permanent change-of-exchange orders. You can easily get car shipping military discounts with PCS.

Just like a typical vehicle transport, you can get various transportation options. This includes open, enclosed, and flatbed transport methods. You can pick one according to your choice. Remember that the government will cover the cost of POV transport on PCS orders. However, this applies to transporting only one vehicle. If there is another car, you need to cover the cost of shipping yourself.

To explore your options and receive a tailored quote for your upcoming PCS move, visit our website and let TruckSpot Logistics streamline your military vehicle transport. Whether you’re planning a PCS vehicle shipping for a car, motorcycle, or a larger vehicle, our network ensures your military car shipping needs are met with utmost care and efficiency.

How Does Military Car Shipping Work?

Understanding how military car shipping works, especially in the context of PCS vehicle shipping, is crucial for a smooth relocation process.

The military auto transport process is essentially the same as any other vehicle transport. Follow these steps to get your military car shipped with great ease.

How Does Military Car Shipping Work?

Request a Quote

Visit the website of the auto transport company you wish to ship your car through and request an instant quote. Make sure you correctly fill in all the information about your vehicle’s make and model, pickup city, delivery location, vehicle condition, transport type, and everything else that is asked in the form.

You will get an inclusive quote from the shipping company. If you are not satisfied with the price, contact them directly. You can get a military discount from the company, which is typically between $25 to $100.

Vehicle Pick Up

Once you come to an agreement with the auto transport company, they will assign you a driver who will transport your vehicle. You will get a confirmation call from your driver to ensure your vehicle is ready for pickup.

You will receive a copy of the Bill of Lading at this time, and finally, your vehicle will be loaded onto the trailer and taken away. The military shipper will give you an expected date for the vehicle delivery.

Vehicle Delivery

Once your vehicle has reached its destination, you will receive a call from the military vehicle transport service to ensure you are available to receive the vehicle.

You will get the car delivered right at the given time. Make sure you carefully inspect the vehicle for any damage. Once you are satisfied, you can do the signature on the Bill of Lading and make the final payment.

At TruckSpot Logistics, we simplify the military vehicle transport process by connecting you with experienced auto transport brokers who understand the nuances of military PCS auto shipping. Recognizing that every military move is different, we offer customizable shipping options to match your specific requirements, whether you’re transporting a family car, motorcycle, or larger vehicles like RVs and boats.

Stay informed about the military vehicle transport cost and options available to you, ensuring your PCS auto shipping is both cost-effective and reliable.

How Much does Military Vehicle Shipping Cost?

The cost of military vehicle shipping can vary widely, influenced by multiple factors such as the transport type, distance, and vehicle specifications. To provide an example, the average military auto transport cost from New York to Phoenix—a distance of approximately 2,421 miles—could be around $1,152.

You can get military vehicle discounts by contacting the shipping company directly.

Factors affecting military car shipping cost

The major thing that affects the cost of military vehicle shipping is the type of transport you choose. Enclosed car transport is expensive compared to open vehicle transport. Similarly, if you have to transport your vehicle overseas, it will cost more than transporting it across Continental US. There are a few other factors as well that affect military car shipping costs.

Fuel Costs

Fuel prices directly affect the cost of shipping. If the prices are higher at the time of transport, the overall cost of vehicle shipping will definitely be higher.

Vehicle Condition and Type

Transporting a small car will be cheaper than transporting a truck or van as the latter occupies more space. Vehicles having more weight consume more fuel. Therefore, the weight and size of the vehicle also affect the shipping cost.

Location and Distance

The farther the destination is, the more it will cost to transport the vehicle. The price would be even higher if the city you want to deliver to is far from the main highway.

Time of the Year

The peak time for car shipping is summer, so it leaves you with fewer options. However, you should also consider the harshness of the climate, as there can be a delay in shipment due to heavy snowfall.

The cost of shipping can be a little higher if you include any extra services, for instance, top loading. Also, ensure there are no extra items in the car that could increase the vehicle’s weight or damage it during transport.

Who Pays for Military Auto Transportation?

Who Pays for Military Auto Transportation

Understanding who covers the cost for military auto transportation is crucial for service members undergoing a PCS. Typically, the Department of Defense (DoD) will cover the cost of shipping one personal vehicle if you are an active-duty uniformed service member, a family member authorized under a Government Procurement Card (GPC), or a DoD civilian employee.

Eligibility for the DoD to cover vehicle shipping costs hinges on receiving official PCS orders, and this benefit usually applies to one vehicle per PCS move. It’s important to confirm with your transport officer the specifics of your entitlement.

The Department of Defence will cover the cost of one vehicle shipped from OCONUS (military base outside the contiguous US) to CONUS (continental).

Should you need to transport more than one vehicle, TruckSpot Logistics can assist in arranging transportation at competitive rates, ensuring that every part of your move is managed efficiently

What and Where can you Ship?

Auto transport companies typically ship any vehicle that you may wish to move. They work almost the same way you transport any regular vehicle. You can expect military auto transport companies to ship cars, trucks, motorbikes, SUVs, or any type of vehicle.

The military vehicle shipping services can transport cars from any city in the US and deliver them to the location you mentioned. They can even deliver the vehicle to the military base if you want. However, delivering at the base requires permission from the base commander.

You don’t need to worry if it is not allowed to deliver the vehicle to the military base. Carriers can drop your vehicle somewhere near the base as well. 

What Papers Do You Need When Using Military Vehicle Shipping?

Proper documentation is key to a hassle-free PCS vehicle transport experience. Let TruckSpot Logistics guide you through the essentials of military vehicle shipping paperwork.

Here is a list of documents you should keep ready to transport a military vehicle.

What Papers Do You Need When Using Military Vehicle Shipping?
A copy of your PCS travel orders
Identification card of the vehicle’s owner
Your vehicle registration document
Lien holder release letter
A copy of DD form 788
A valid driver’s licence

There can be some additional requirements from the shipping company, but more or less, you will need the above-mentioned documents for military auto transport in the US.

You can easily get military vehicle discounts if you are an active military member. The whole process of transporting a military vehicle will become easier if you have all the documents prepared beforehand and have your vehicle ready for shipping. No matter what vehicle type you have, you can get it transported from one city to another at amazing rates with our service.

Navigating the complexities of military auto transport doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right preparation, understanding of costs, and knowledge of the necessary paperwork, your PCS vehicle shipping can be handled with ease and efficiency. At TruckSpot Logistics, we’re dedicated to providing our service members with comprehensive transport solutions that cater to the unique demands of military relocations. Remember, planning is key, and with TruckSpot Logistics, you have a partner ready to support you in this significant transition. For any questions or to begin the process, reach out to us and let us help you move forward with confidence and peace of mind.


How long will it take for military auto transport?

The shipping time entirely depends upon the distance and destination. Typically it takes somewhere between 10 to 15 days to transport a military car. However, it will take much longer for a coast-to-coast shipment.

Should my car be insured before transportation?

Most auto transport companies accept vehicles without insurance, while some consider it necessary. However, the carrier should provide cargo insurance to cover any damage to your car during the shipment process. Make sure you check it with the company you transport your vehicle with. 

What are the benefits of using military PCS auto shipping services?

Military PCS auto shipping services offer convenience, reliability, and peace of mind. They ensure that your vehicle is transported safely to your new station, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your move.

Are there any discounts available for military car shipping?

Yes, many auto transport services, offer discounts to military personnel as a token of appreciation for their service. These discounts can significantly reduce the cost of shipping your vehicle.

What steps should I follow to prepare my vehicle for military auto transport?

Preparing your vehicle for transport typically involves a few key steps: clean your vehicle inside and out, document any pre-existing damage, remove personal items and loose items from the car, and ensure that the gas tank is only a quarter full.

What should I do if my vehicle is damaged during military car shipping?

In the unlikely event of damage, document the damage immediately upon delivery, note it on the Bill of Lading, and contact the auto transport company to report the issue.

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