Expensive Shipment Mistakes Made By Truckers That Cost You Money

Expensive Shipment Mistakes Made By Truckers That Cost You Money

Delivery of a car, and not its independent transfer from state to state, is a great solution for everyone. It allows you to save time, money, reduce the wear and tear of your car during a long journey, and will not cause an increase in mileage (for those who plan to sell cars in the future, this is an important point). Speaking of various cargoes of a different type, sometimes there is simply nothing to send them to their destination and, in principle, there are no options but to use the services of a transport company. Sometimes, in the process of transportation, such problems may arise that you will have to regret the decision you made. This can happen if the carrier is dishonest and the contract contains details written in small print.

So that the delivery of things in the process of moving an apartment, moving an office, or transporting a vehicle does not cause stress and lost money, it is worth ordering transportation services only from those companies that have an impeccable reputation in the transport services market. Indeed, unfortunately, various unpleasant situations can arise during the transportation process, and in many respects, the success of delivery depends on the carrier itself (observance of deadlines, proper packaging, correct placement of cargo in the body, proper fixing of boxes or a car, etc.). If car shipping mistakes are made, the owner of the cargo will suffer in any case. If the cargo is at least insured, this is not bad, but in any case, you will have to spend time on proceedings. In this article, we have collected the most common delivery errors for you. We hope that having learned about them from the article, you will not allow them in real life. You can also read about carriers on our website. TruckSpotLogistics — TruckSpotLogistics it’s a project created to help compare shipping quotes from the best auto transport companies and save your time and money. TruckSpotLogistics doesn’t offer shipping vehicles, we are only offering comparing of the vehicle transport rates.

Incorrect shipping cost calculation
Transportation of a car with personal belongings in the cabin
Inattention to detail
Wrong packaging
Neglect of legal requirements
the most common delivery errors

Incorrect Shipping Cost Calculation

Many carriers offer customers to use the online calculator function on the site. However, it allows you to get only approximate prices for transportation, since a huge number of different factors affect the pricing procedure, including: the date and month of delivery, the type of car in which the cargo will be transported, the volume and weight of the cargo, etc. It is very important to clarify all the details in advance and carefully read the terms of delivery. Unfortunately, companies that do not care about their reputation often announce the price for delivery already when the cargo has left – hidden payments are not announced in advance so that the client does not refuse.

Transportation Of A Car With Personal Belongings In The Cabin

Transport companies do not always say that no insurance covers the costs associated with damage to property that is transported in the passenger compartment. And then, situations are not ruled out that a car will arrive at the destination, in which there will not be bags or a suitcase forgotten on the seat. However, this is not all – the more the weight of the car, the more expensive its delivery will cost. Therefore, if you left things in the cabin or trunk, they will definitely affect the price of transporting the vehicle.

Inattention To Detail

If you send the car, then you should definitely document its condition in as much detail as possible. Of course, this is unprofitable for the carrier, and it is unlikely that anyone will tell you to do this. But if you don’t spend time on a detailed description of the scratches, the condition of the car, etc., then you won’t be able to prove anything when you receive a damaged car. The company will reimburse the damage only if you prove that you loaded the car into the trawl without damage. There are also a couple of nuances:

do not agree to unload the car at night. At this time, it is easy to hide defects that may have appeared during transportation. And if even a couple of hours pass after unloading, no one will accept the claim;
the vehicle must be washed before shipment.

Wrong Packaging

In order for a refrigerator, car, household appliances, antiques or musical instruments to arrive intact and safe, do not lose their performance characteristics and do not remain mechanically damaged, it is important to properly pack it. Carriers do not always focus on this and sometimes they still accept the goods for shipment, as a result – a spoiled mood, damaged cargo and losses.

In addition to the fact that it is important to take care of the correct packaging of the cargo (packing in a box, bubble wrap, etc.) and its labeling (for example, if fragile items are transported, you must also be careful when placing the cargo in a car. If the car delivers groupage cargo and is not rented solely for your needs, it is important to ensure that the cargo is correctly reflected in the documents and to ensure the safety of the entire cargo, and not its individual parts.It’s about this: if you send several boxes and pack them on a pallet, then documents, be sure to reflect the number of boxes, weight, dimensions of each of them and, if possible, connect all the goods together.This will allow you not to lose any of the parts during delivery and, in the event of an unpleasant situation, quickly solve it and have grounds for compensation for losses.

Transportation of certain items may require a special permit. Even the worst companies scrupulously take into account this requirement and strictly comply with it, because there is no need to hope that it will be possible to achieve the goal and expend a minimum of effort. At the same time, not every carrier will remind you of this when ordering services – everything is up to you. If the employees of the transport company find that the cargo needs special transportation conditions, etc., then this will either entail additional costs or refuse to export the cargo from the sender (in this case, the amount paid earlier to the customer of the service is not returned). Cargoes that require special licenses and permits include: alcoholic beverages, medicines, food, explosives, etc. It is better to clarify all the details in advance and rely not only on the carrier, but also independently study the legislation in this area.

These are just some of the shipping errors that any person who orders the service of transporting a car or other goods may encounter. Unfortunately, delivery errors are something that no one is immune from, an unpleasant situation can happen to everyone. In order to minimize risks, you should simply cooperate with companies that have a good reputation in the transport services market.


Does a low delivery price always indicate that mistakes are inevitable and the service will be at a low level?

Of course not, the price is just one of the points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a carrier. If it is much lower than that of competitors, then this is certainly a reason to think, but no more. If it is just slightly lower, then perhaps the company has a larger flow of customers, delivers on large vehicles and, from the point of view of economic benefits, can afford to slightly lower prices for services, etc. When choosing a company, you should focus mainly on reviews about it (they should not be on the site, but on independent resources).

Is it possible to insure yourself completely against the mistakes of carriers?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Companies that have a good reputation in the market can sometimes miss a moment, let alone the worst ltl carriers. But you don’t need to choose the first company that comes across, focusing on this, you still need to strive to choose the best one.

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